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  • Tanya den 2013-Apr-08 07:54:29 Tanya sa

    Still, the primary affcet of the terror, this and follow-up shelling of Israeli civilian towns, and the school bus attack a couple months ago, will lend DOUBT to the Palestinian assertion that it is capable of self-governing in a peaceable manner as an independent state.Nonsense. Using violence against civilians to achieve political goals has no connection to statehood. Israel and the United States are both occupying the territory of other states and routinely violating Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions when they carry-out extrajudicial killings of the civilian inhabitants and displacing the lawful inhabitants. The US State Department maintains a list of States that it has accused of supporting terror. Other countries have accused the US of sponsoring terror through its U.S. Army School of the Americas , & etc. According to the International Law Commission, the crime of aggression can only be committed by the officials of a state. The requirement for UN membership that a candidate be a peace loving state has always been ignored.

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