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    Regarding Hamas, Rep. Dold told the JUF News, “Hamas is a terrorist oirgnazation; we must assure that the Obama administration vetoes any United Nations vote on Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood. That statement is a complete non-sequitur. States are simply legal entities with rights and responsibilities prescribed by international law. The Congress and the Executive branch already maintain a list and sanction States that have been identified as sponsors of terror. The United Nations and the United States have both recognized Hamas as the de facto government of Gaza. De facto governments have rights and responsibilities under international law without regard to diplomatic recognition. The move to block Palestine's bid for recognition of its statehood is really only about the possibility of an ICC-imposed settlement freeze: The members of the Yesha Council should be investigated for their role in widespread and systematic price tag attacks directed against the occupied civilian population. See for example the opinion of Israeli Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein (then Attorney General) in .

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