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  • Sophia den 2013-Apr-07 19:11:29 Sophia sa

    Let's see:Israel would gain (or hope to gain) international sypatmhy. The US congress would support Israel, condemn Hamas, and push for dropping all aid to Gaza and the PA. UN statehood chances would be lessened, especially if there was a chance at all that the US wouldn't veto (yeah right). Israel shifts their focus to terrorism which justifies the military spending so it doesn't get cut and ignores the recent proposal to cut off US aid. The tent protest gets forgotten and emotionaly the protesters are afraid of terrorism agian, derailing the process. Israel will wind up occupying Sinai like all the hardcore Zionists want anyways.Palestinians would gain absolutely nothing from this. It would destroy everything they've tried to accomplish. It would impact both Hamas and the PA. Innocent Palestinians would be killed. The Rafah crossing would be completely closed. The Sinai might be occupied by Israel. The natural gas fields would be stolen by Israel. The blockade would be worse. There weapons are no match at all.Yeah who benefits from this? I know that the concept of false flags fall under conspiracy theory which is coupled with tinfoil hat wearing kooks under the fringe department. Just remember that Israel has a history of them. When Hasbara trolls respond oh right, Mossad did it huh? that's a confession IMHO. De-classified British documents show that PFLP was created by Mossad and they were behind the airline hijackings of the 70s. This along with the USS Liberty and early things like Lavon Affair and going back to the revisionist Zionist terrorist attacks. This is what they do, it's all they know how to do. It's worked and it still works and to deny it is to prove that it works. Look at that Mossad guy in Egypt arrested for stirring up hatred between Copts and Christians. Sounds like Lebanon a few years ago. Plus there was violent incidents between the two leading up to it. People need to wake up

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